Apr. 21st, 2010

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So for some reason I needed to play Pokemon Blue again. Like, need need. I managed to find my old GBA with the battery case falling off, and somehow everything still worked. Beat the E4 again with my Pokemon all named after random 90s anime characters before I put it down and the batteries fell out.

Pokemon Blue was my very first video game... and also my first fandom. Before I knew what fandom was, or rp, or anything. It was just me, some dudes on a proto-forum, and really bad Suefic on my part. I'd try to excuse it saying I was twelve, but I think I rewrote it several times at 13, then 15, and by that point I really should have known better.

Somehow the game kicked off a general nostalgia trip across the web, visiting old haunts. Some people I knew then are still there and it's kind of amazing to me because I don't really stay in one place for more than a few years. Others have long gone (the Chrono Trigger site I used to be at is dead... now it's just an LJ comm that hasn't been posted to for three years. I remembered a guy who did something that was similar to There Will Be Brawl except it was on GameFAQs, it was a CYOA (choose all the horrible shit that happens!), and it was based on the Character Contest so way more characters who died horribly.

My original Pokemon fansite is also still around to my utter dismay and no I will NOT give you the url (you can find it if you really try). Or delete it, for some reason. It's so old even the spambots forgot about it.

I wonder if any good Pokemon fan games have been made.


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