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It's been a while since the last one, so let me give the short version of what I talked about last time.

1) Interface bloat = bad, customization = good. (caveat: feature bloat is REALLY bad)
2) Any computer program augments your memory, rather than replace it. Attempting to consolidate your scatterbrained userbase means you have to implement multiple ways of finding and filing.

And let me add one more:

3) Accessibility is sexy. There are two basic functions of all note-taking programs: to save knowledge you've seen and to create, sort, and modify information you have. Both should be equally accessible.

The first task is easy but requires instantaneous response, from wherever a user finds data they want to save. Browser extensions are sweet here, but nowadays fairly common. Apps for mobile devices are good too.

The second task is the real problem, because it requires a lot of planning and integration of stuff I've talked about before. In addition to adding new notes, users need to modify old notes, and move notes from filing to filing (assume for the moment we've solved the search problem). This should be just as easy as creating new notes. The dedicated portion of your userbase will probably use these features more often then the ability to just create new notes. The vocal portion of your userbase (the writers) definately will, although in this day and age that doesn't mean much.

Google Notebook was king here, and it remains unsurpassed in this field. Equaled, with programs like OneNote and services such as UberNote, but unsurpassed.

Next post on the topic will be short and serve to highlight conventions that programs often use. After that will probably come the rundown, although I'm not looking forward to it (one reason why I haven't posted on this much is that I haven't made a decision on what to use)
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