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From [livejournal.com profile] arctangent:

1) How's the job hunt going?

Not great... nowadays I'm entirely domestic. I've given up on chasing anything that requires me to move away because of Mom (or for full-time work for the same reason) . Having applied to JET (again) I'm thinking of getting a local part-time job.

2) How's the Philly dating scene?

Having not been outside the apartment outside of food shopping and other errands, I would not know.

3) Recommend me a game to play that you're reasonably sure I haven't played that would be my kind of thing.

Pheonix Wright, or if you don't have a DS, Okami.

4) If you could resurrect someone who died in the past year, who would it be?

Hard to say. No one I knew well died last year. And despite the swath of celebrity deaths, most of them had very little influence on my life. Aside from the ones I regret because their obituaries seemed interesting... I guess I'll say Michael Jackson since if Mom knew I used a res on someone else famous who I didn't even really know much about instead of him, I'd have some 'splaining to do. =P (also there's an overdone Thriller joke in there someway)

5) What's the most interesting thing that's happened in your life I don't yet know about?

Uh... that would require interesting things to happen in my life. I guess that I'm running an online Exalted campaign (with the old group) that hasn't imploded yet...

I guess meme etiquette demand that I give questions to people who ask.


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