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2007-11-19 02:30 am
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Hypocrisy, Backpedaling, and All Such Things

So for a while I've been playing with a Cyberpunk class that could fit into a d20 modern system. Basically it's an adaptation of the Shadowjack, with a few altered abilities that fit the setting in my head. Most of the problem stems from replacing the capstone ability, which allows the person to cast Incantations using the computer system (for those unfamiliar with Urban Arcana, Incantations are the *only* way in Modern to get spell effects higher than, say, 4th level, and it usually requires a lot of people standing around chanting for an hour, and one guy making obscene Knowledge checks)

Basically the only thing awesome enough to replace it would be the ability to let the Cyberpunk give people shocks through the internet.

...Okay, so it won't act *exactly* like that, but no matter how much I rationalize it, the concept will be essentially that you attack people through the internet. Like if they die there, they die IRL. After snobbishly forswearing or condemning most cyberpunk stuff for setting up just such a situation. I owe an apology to Tad Williams now, I guess.